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We connect people through digital marketing.
Digital Marketing is a key driver in raising awareness about your product or services. Knowing how to cut through the noise online takes skill, planning and meticulous execution. We analyze the digital channel to find relevant opportunities and build growth hacking tactics to help you become a market leader.

MarketinGROW specializes in offering custom digital marketing services to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) including Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, Toronto, Waterloo, and Kitchener.

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1What is Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing is marketing to users who use internet via computers, smartphones or tablets to access websites online. Digital marketing efforts focus on email, social media, SEO and website apps.
2What does a Digital Marketing firm do?
A digital marketing expert will help you reach potential customers, follow up and create leads and covert them to clients for your business. Incorporating digital marketing in your marketing agenda helps your business reach a larger audience and market and supports offline and traditional marketing efforts that are made by your business.
3Will Digital Marketing help my SmallBusiness?
100% it will. Marketingrow has a portfolio of clients that have grown twice their original size mainly through digital marketing. In fact, we recommend small businesses to incorporate digital marketing as one of the most important strategics for their business to grow mainly because of how resourceful it is in the long run. Getting your business online gives access to customers 24x7 keeping your company open for business at all hours with out the need to tend to customers physically.
4What’s content strategy planning?
Content strategy establishes objectives and goals for your business to build a valuable client list. We analyze, plan and promote your business in a way that more customers are aware of your business and services it provides.
5What should I consider for a Digital Marketing plan?
Consider asking yourself these questions to help you create an outline for your marketing plan.
How many social media platforms would you like to stay accessible on?
Does your business need blog?
If so, how often and should they be short or long form content?
How often should you update your website?
Do you want a mobile friendly website design?
If you are unsure how to answer the above questions click on our SEO FAQs for a detailed answer and more about content strategies.
If you have any other questions, book a consultation to know how Marketingrow can customise a plan to help your business become internet friendly.

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